(617) 590-5781


(617) 590-5781

Rhode Island Office

It’s been an exciting 25 years as Eagle Elevator has grown one lift at a time and the Rhode Island office continues to have a big impact in New England’s smallest state. We proudly work with the diverse industries that characterize the region, modernizing and maintaining elevators for everyone from the United States military to utility companies and beyond. Most importantly, we enjoy serving our neighbors in the 39 communities of “Little Rhody” by delivering on our promise of service, responsiveness, and keeping the public safe. We look forward to continued growth over the coming year.

Unparalleled service, technical expertise and standards
have made us one of the largest and fastest growing
independent elevator firms in Rhode Island

Modernization & Construction

Modernization runs the gamut of equipment upgrades to full refurbishment of the cabs. A representative from the Rhode Island office can survey your equipment and discuss the options ranging from a partial to full modernization.

Service & Repair

The Rhode Island office is on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year to repair elevator breakdowns. Expert mechanics are nearby and response time is quick. Not only that but our technicians ensure that repairs are done correctly, you will not see multiple callbacks or extended periods of elevator downtime with Eagle Elevator.


Rhode Island Office

530 Wellington Avenue,
Cranston, RI 02910