All mechanical equipment has a finite life. At some point in time due to safety issues, repetitive repairs, or performance you will need to modernize your existing elevator equipment. Upgrading to the latest technology improves passenger safety, tenant satisfaction, efficiency, and reliability.

Customized to your Needs

Every update is customized to the specific situation and equipment condition.  A modernized system reduces energy consumption, improves ride performance and speeds, and drastically cuts repair costs.

  • Motors and doors
  • Elevator controllers
  • Door operators and related mechanicals
  • Microprocessor-based control systems
  • Fixtures and operating panels
  • Cab panels/walls, ceiling and lighting


Modernization eliminates old unreliable technologies and outdated equipment. Old equipment is prone to shutdowns, uneven floor landings, door problems and inadequate emergency equipment. Improving safety and peace of mind are two of the very important key benefits of an upgrade or modernization.

Factors to consider

  • Safety
  • Code compliance
  • Age and equipment condition
  • Parts availability and support

Nonproprietary Equipment

Eagle Elevator installs nonproprietary elevator equipment during upgrades and modernizations wherever possible. This eliminates company specific equipment or software, allowing any qualified contractor to work on your equipment. With nonproprietary components building owners can’t be held hostage by an OEM or particular installer.